Our Dietitian sees patients on a referral from the King West Medical Associates’ physicians and provides a full range of nutrition counselling.

The goal of our dietitian, as part of our multi-disciplinary healthcare team, is to provide nutritional counselling to prevent disease and promote good health.

Our Team

Registered Dietitian:

Lisa Beauchamp

Reason’s to see a Dietitian

The most common reasons for seeing a dietitian are to get help and advice for the following:

– Diabetes

– Weight management (obesity and low weight)

– Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)

– Eating disorders

– Vegetarianism

– Health promotion

– GI Problems (reflux, IBS, celiac, inflammatory bowel)

– Prenatal and Infant Nutrition

Benefits of seeing a Dietitian

Our dietitian will assess your current diet, your risk factors, and your lifestyle, in order to better understand your needs.  She can then make recommendations and design an eating/nutrition plan that suits your needs and helps you deal with your problem.  An emphasis is placed on healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes as the cornerstones to reducing risks and preventing/controlling diseases.

Follow up appointments can be scheduled to monitor your progress, answer questions, provide support and to make changes as required.

The dietitian will make your physician aware of her recommendations at the time of your visit.

For more information visit our education page.

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